Why get a tiny house

Here are some of the many reasons why Tiny Houses are so popular:

1. Financial freedom - while traditional house costs keep rising, with a Tiny Home you can purchase outright or be mortgage free within 3-4 years! Plus, with off-the-grid options you can reduce your utility bills to almost nothing. Click here for finance options.

2. Affordable, eco-friendly living - live affordably, have more time for yourself and live in a more sustainable eco-friendly way. With a range of solar and eco-friendly options, make your tiny house dream come true.

3. Income source - from guest accommodation or the ability to some extra pocket money, a tiny house is perfect for AirBnB or many other accommodation options.

How do I get a quote for a tiny house?

Easy! Check out our tiny house page - you'll be able to select each model and choose your options. Click Submit, and we'll get back to you shortly with a full quote for your home.

Can I go off-grid with a tiny house?

Yes, you can go as off-grid as you like! Before going off-grid, you'll need to consider how to handle power, water, sewage and grey water. We offer and install some of the best solutions including solar and battery power, composting toilets, sewage collection systems, and rainwater tanks. Why not get in touch, and tell us more about what you are planning.

How much can I customise?

You can start with our models or work with us to design your own. While all of our designs can be customised and adjusted to suit your needs, keep in mind that even a small change can have lots of implications. Just call or email us to discuss and share your design ideas with us.

Can I customise the building materials?

At Luxe Tiny Homes we've chosen to use only the best quality materials. As an example, while many other builders use standard wrap, we use Bradford Enviroseal Wrap that allows for the controlled escape of vapour from within the building whilst restricting the ingress of liquid moisture. It helps to protect the building fabric and insulation from condensation and related problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance.

You're welcome to supply your own fittings such as tapware, faucets, sinks and light fittings and we are incorporate those kinds of items into your build. Some changes are possible but may also cost more. It's best to discuss what you are thinking, so feel free to get in touch with us.

What is the maximum size of a tiny house?

Our Tiny Homes are built on road trailers and are limited to the maximum allowed legal size. This means a maximum overall height of 4.3m, 2.5m wide and 12.5m in length (including drawbar). Our trailers are rated to 4.5 tonne gross weight.

Need a bigger tiny home? No problem, we do that too. Talk to us about options such as building your home on a skid (no wheels), and modular extensions.

Do you offer solar and off-grid options?

Yes. We offer optional off-the-grid solar solutions. Contact us to discuss more options.

How long does it take to build?

Build times vary and are dependent on the model and finishing stage you select. We try and build ahead so there are few models available for instant driveaway. Typical build times range between 6-10 weeks. Please call us to discuss if we currently have a waiting list.

Can I order a partially built / lock-up stage Tiny House?

Yes, we can build your Tiny Home from lockup stage and right through to turn-key completion. Check out our tiny home pages where you can add and remove components and receive a quote.

Are your tiny homes compliant and road legal?

In short, yes. We provide you with all of the electrical, gas and plumbing compliance certificates. Each tiny house comes with a fully compliant Victorian pre-registered, electrically braked trailer and VIN number.

Where can I put my tiny house? Is council approved required?

Our mobile tiny houses can be towed and generally do not require DA approval from councils, however, some councils can limit the amount of time someone can stay in one. Each council is different, so we recommend contacting your local council for further information so as to compile with current regulations.

Do you deliver the tiny house?

Yes, we deliver Australia wide. Delivery is an additional cost so please get in touch with us for more information. You are also welcome to arrange your own delivery and we'll work together with your freight company of choice.

Can Luxe Tiny Homes install and setup the tiny house for me?

Yes! We'd be more than happy to set you up, so that you're up a running. Our installation service includes leveling, tie-downs and block placement where necessary. We can also arrange electrical and plumbing connections for you.

How do I connect the electricity, gas and plumbing?

Here's some information to help you. If you're still unsure - get in touch and we can arrange connections for you with our installation service.

– Our tiny homes come with a switchboard, electrical certifications and a standard 15amp plug. Your tiny home can be plugged into the mains power just like a traditional caravan. We also provide a range of optional solar solutions.
– You can plug in your tiny home with a standard garden hose connection, just like a conventional caravan. It really is that simple! Call us to discuss a range of rainwater tank, pump and plumbing options.
– Almost all of our tiny homes come with a standard toilet, showers and a seperate grey water and sewage connection points. We recommend you arrange to have a licensed plumber connect the outlets to a mains sewer or septic system.
– We can accomodate a range of gas options. Get in touch with us to let us know if you need LPG or natural gas. You can connect to a standard LPG gas bottle yourself, or  arrange other installation options through a qualified gas plumber. We can discuss these options with your during your quote.

How long does the sewage and grey water tank last?

Our onboard optional sewage and grey water tank holds 600L+ of each. That's approx. 40 days of toilet use for a single person, but of course this will vary depending on the number of uses. The kitchen sink and toilet run into the black water tank, while the shower, vanity and washing machine run into the grey water tank which can be used in your garden or emptied as needed.


We designed and built a stunning tiny house with eco-friendly and sustainable materials!

Featured as an inspirational model at the Melbourne Tiny House Expo and on channel Seven News, 'The Byron' is brimming with eco-friendly ideas for more conscious, considered living.